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Create complete visual identity , design and develop the digital footprint

Visual Identity / Design / Development

Over a 4 month period Dunst was responsible for end to end digital agency services leading up the launch of the healthcare advisory portal. Dunst work included logo design, website design, Visual identity design, social assets, creatives and marketing collateral.

Our Approach

To understand the brand better, Sepalika and Dunst had detailed discussions over multiple sessions to cover the nature of the business, the value proposition, competitor landscape, brand values, design aesthetics and overall expectations from the engagement.

The first task undertaken by Dunst was to create a visual identity for Sepalika – starting with the logo design. Over a 4 week period our graphic design team created a custom font and a logo that captured the essence of the name - Sepalika. In parallel our UX design team created detailed wireframes for the upcoming site considering the desired interaction from the website. The UX design team also worked closely with the visual design team to create the visual look for the site by creating rapid prototypes for custom themes on a Wordpress CMS platform. Finally our development team put it all together with front end HTML5 and made the site responsive. Dunst is also deeply involved in the Social media foot print and has been consulting on the application design/development for Sepalikas’ core offerings

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